Truck Dealership Software

Building a Solid Foundation for Heavy Duty & Class 8 Truck Dealers and Manufacturers

We know your business has a ton of moving parts and Motility Software Solutions can provide the strong foundation you need to manage them all. Whether your needs are for the management of multi-site fleet locations or the specialized servicing of custom operations, Motility offers unprecedented support for your trucking operation to become confidently compliant, meet customer demands, save thousands on fleet costs, and so much more.

With more than 34 years of experience bringing superior truck maintenance software to operations around the US, Motility’s Heavy Duty dealers and manufacturers are highly satisfied with the ability to accelerate processes while also controlling costs. Unlike other truck fleet management software on the market all Motility users, from top-level management to service workers, report an increase in actionable insights that create an overall reduction in operating costs. Motility Software Solution brings all of your data points together, connecting you to what really counts to better understand and grow your business.

Truck dealers and manufacturers enjoy some of the following features:

CRM and F&I

  • Leverage your sales process with the automatic parsing of incoming web leads
  • Make/Model selections and Deal defaults can be pre-set for multiple product lines and to allow accounting deal breakout report writing

Parts and Service

  • Create Parts Kits with multiple parts and set package prices for the bundles
  • Track Warranty, Retail, Internal and Body Shop repair work

Unit Inventory and Rentals

  • Easily create unit packages & connect motors, hulls and trailers together in inventory
  • Set different rental rates for each vehicle with appropriate surcharges

Accounting and Reporting

  • Complete accounting control over input from other Motility modules
  • Accelerate financial tasks with data export to Excel for a virtually unlimited data manipulation & customized report generation