Mathematicians say the number 2 is considered lucky. It’s linked to sensitivity, strength, power and connection, so a date that’s comprised of five 2’s, is worth marking on your calendar.

On this Twosday, I wanted to extend my personal gratitude for your partnership with Motility over the years. We are so lucky to have great customers and partners in our corner so we can harness innovative technology for our dealers.

Now two months into 2022, we continue to make an unwavering commitment to our values. We firmly believe that by working together and keeping these values at the core of what we do, we will achieve our most successful year yet.

Our Values

Thank you for your trust, patience, and willingness to adapt with us. With many new developments on the horizon, we look forward to the possibilities of 2022 with great optimism.

I wish you all a Happy Twosday and I look forward to another successful year.

Brad Rogers
CEO | Motility Software Solutions