George Naspo

President & CEO

George Naspo is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Motility Software Solutions. He has 45 years of leadership experience with 25 of those heading software companies. After Sys2K was acquired by Serent Capital in 2018 they recruited Naspo to lead the company’s accelerated growth and scale. As CEO George is responsible for overseeing technology, support, professional services, and sales and marketing departments and ensures that Motility meets the highest standard of customer service.

Naspo’s track record of managing and growing software enterprises include companies such as Grand Circle Corporation, GenArts, Virtacore Systems Inc, and IKANO Communications Inc. where he held Director or CEO positions.

George Naspo is a New Jersey native and attended the University of Toledo where he obtained his BA in Business Administration and Management and the University of Southern California where he received his MS in Business & Organizational Development.