Work Order and Consignments

Introduction:  This page explains how to handle the work orders associated with units on consignment.  When the dealership is performing work on a unit that is being sold on consignment that work should be billed to the consigner.

For example, if Dealership XYZ is selling a unit on consignment for William Mason that needs repairs, this page will walk you through how to handle the work order on that unit.

Before this process can be performed:

  1. The Consigner needs to have been given a credit balance in the CRM. This should be done when the unit is being entered in for Consignment.
  2. The unit needs to be included in the Vehicle tab of the Consigner’s profile in the CRM.


Verify that Consigner is Being Billed for the Work

The work order that is created for repairs done by the dealership should have:

  1. The Consigner (William Mason as Example) as the Entity
  2. The Type set to Retail.

This will make sure that the work that is being done will not be charged to the customer buying the vehicle nor the dealership.

The vehicle should already be attached to the entity’s CRM profile.

This will charge the correct Labor Rate, parts pricing, and entity.

*The dealership is not who pays for this work to be done.  The seller (Consigner) pays for the work to be done.


Cashing Out the Work Order

When the work has been completed, cash out the work order by clicking on the “Cash Out” button.

The Infinity Cash Out screen will appear.  The ‘On Account’ button is to be clicked.