Warranty Credit Overview

Once a warranty ticket has been completed, it will move to Warranty Clerk until the claim is submitted. If the work order was split, it will have A, B, C, D etc. after the ticket number. The warranty jobs on all the split tickets must be submitted.

Once the claim has been submitted, the claim number will show up on the Warr. Tab. You can use the system default or input the claim number provided by the warranty company.

Once the check has been received from the warranty company, click on (405) Warranty Credit. This is also accessible from Accounting.

If the Claim Number does not appear in the drop-down list, go to Accounting and Transfer transactions.

If the claim number still does not appear, check to see if this is a split work order. All job lines must be submitted before the Warranty Claim will post to accounting and also make sure the warranty company is correct ( duplicates), even the warranty jobs on the work order’s splits.