Using Infinity Reminders Wizard

To send emails from the Infinity software, the employee’s email address needs to be entered in Employee Information. In order to receive emails into the Infinity software, Infinity Reminders needs to be set up. Below are steps to get to and set up Infinity Reminders.

In the lower right part of your monitor window is the system tray. A black and teal icon will appear close to where the time is located. Right click on it then select “Open Reminder Wizard“. (If you do not see the icon, open CRM.  The Reminders program opens when CRM is open).





If it prompts for the username and password enter your credentials.

The Reminders Wizard window will then opens.

To add an account, choose the radio button labeled “Add a new email account”.

A new window appears

Enter in the appropriate server information. In order to receive emails into the CRM, the incoming settings need to be filled in.

Click “Test Account Settings”.  Note:  This only tests the incoming server settings.

After confirming the test passes, click “Next”, then click “Finish”.

The user will now be able to send and/or receive email via the use of the CRM.