Unit Suggested Reorder

Suggested Reorder

This tool allows you to set minimum and maximum inventory levels and let the system suggest reorders based on an inventory plan.

Suggested Reorder Settings

This is where you will input your inventory plan.

In Unit Inventory, open Tools > Suggested Reorder

Then Click Settings

Create a Setting

To create a new setting, click New

Fill out the Setting Name, Company, and PC. Click Save.

Then choose the criteria that controls your inventory plan. Most dealerships just use Make and Model.

Now fill out the Min and Max number for each month of the year. Suggested reorder compares TOH + TOO to the Min. It will suggest the number of units that would allow TOH + TOO to equal the Max.

TOH = Total On Hand

TOO = Total On Order

For example, if we want to order at least two units at a time, we would set Min one number below Max for each month.

The copy button copies January Min and Max to all other months

Copy a Setting

To Copy a setting, choose the setting you want to copy and click Copy Setting.

A new setting is created with all the same information as the last setting. You must choose a new Name.

Run Suggested Reorder

When you are ready to order units for stock, Open Unit Inventory > Tools > Suggested Reorder
Choose the settings for the suggestion. You can choose the current month or a previous month.

NUD will usually be set to “New”, however you can use this tool to check on used inventory levels too.

If checked, Exclude On Hold will count units on deals will not be counted in TOH.

Once you click Process, the suggested reorder screen appears.

Select one of the Setting Names and click the plus sign next to it. Below each setting will be stock number being counted as On Hand.

In the bottom-right, it shows how many of this unit are on hand in each profit center, with a breakdown of the suggested order quantity.

Clicking Print will show the Vehicle ReOrder Report: