Unit Purchase Orders

From Unit Inventory, click Tools > Unit Purchase Orders

The buttons at the bottom filter for Not Ordered, Ordered, Fulfilled, Post To Acct, or VoidedYou can filter the list using the yellow filter bar at the top of the list

Adding a UPO

To get started click “New PO”

Enter in the supplier at the top of the UPO

Enter the information for the unit (the system will automatically create a stock number once the order is placed)

The lower section is for accessories. These will have their own GL accounts when this is posted to accounting.

The Financial Field will determine which field on the financial tab will contain this balance

The status should be changed at each stop of the ordering process: Not Ordered, Ordered, Fulfilled, Post To Acct, and Voided.

When you are ready to post the UPO to accounting, make sure there is a Floorplan or AP account in the top GL Acct field, a floorplan bank or supplier entity number under Floorplan Co., and an invoice number in Entity Reference

Click the Post To Acct button