Sublet Procedures

This page will take you through the steps on how to properly make a sublet on a Service repair order in the Infinity software. It is important to read the full page before attempting to create a sublet.

  1. On an open Service work order Click on the “Sublet” tab in within the repair line selected. Once there, select the “Sublet button” to open a new sublet. Verify you are on the correct repair for the sublet.

  2. Once you have selected the sublet a new box will populate to enter all the sublet info
    1. Select the Supplier that the sublet will go to. Once selected it will fill in the Entity # and Pay To box (Pay to box can be used if you need to pay another entity different from who is doing the work. EX. you paid the supplier with a credit card so the pay to box would be the credit card Entity, if this does not apply DO NOT modify the Pay To). Please note that if the supplier is not in the drop-down they must be added to the supplier list.
    2. PO# gets filled in once you order the Sublet by default
    3. Desc field lets you fill what is being done on the sublet (This will print out on the invoice and show on screen on the parts listing for invoice)
    4. Cost is what the sublet will cost the dealer/facility. Fill in the cost.
    5. Price is the amount that the dealer/facility will be charging the customer.
    6. Entity Ref will be the invoice that the sublet company sends or a number to reference this particular Sublet PO.
    7. Schedule will let you send this to the Sublet Calendar to track via the Calendar
    8. Order is selected once the supplier takes the unit or arrives to do work. This will create the PO and generate a PO#.
    9. Receive will finalize the Sublet and the PO. This is the final step on the sublet so if there is a change of cost or price you want to wait until the work is done and pricing is finalized before you select receive. This will prevent having to create a 2nd sublet for a difference. Please note that if you have received the sublet and there is a change in cost or price you can create a 2nd sublet and fill in the cost or price field in the amount needed (Positive or Negative)

      1. Supplier is Charging you $50 more but the price is the same. On the 2nd sublet you would only fill in the cost field. Same thing if they are charging less, you would do -$50.00 on the cost line. If the price is changing, fill in as well.
      2. If ONLY the price to the customer will change. You can simply change the price on the sublet part itself (you can also create a 2nd Sublet to track it fully since changing the price on the sublet part will not change the price on the received sublet). Both ways work, it is a preference of the dealer.
      3. If the wrong supplier was selected on the received sublet you will create an identical sublet to the first sublet in negative amounts, Then create the correct sublet (will end up with 3 sublets in the tab). You can delete the sublet parts off of the invoice for the 2 that wash out. This will prevent the customer from seeing the discrepancy.WASH OUT


    10. Print lets you print a copy of the PO


You can remove a sublet completely but there are a lot of factors that this SHOULD NOT be done if the following applies:

  1. Repair line already has other parts billed on
  2. Flag times are on the repair line
  3. Other sublets have been received on the repair line


To remove a sublet completely it will require to delete the repair line and also voiding the PO that was created from the sublet ( note the PO# before you delete the line). This is why none of the above mentioned items can be on the repair already.