Setting Accounting Journals to Auto-Number

This page will explain how to set accounting journals to auto-number and the benefits of doing so.

Setting journals to auto-number allows users to create manual or user interface-driven journal entries while letting the system create a unique reference number for them. This is great for journals that don’t automatically have transactions posting to them or don’t have a reference number counter built-in such as Q1-Cash Receipts, Y1-Standard Journal, or Z1-General Journal. This is also an awesome way to avoid duplicating reference numbers or always having to come up with a unique reference number.

To set a journal to auto-number open the Accounting module and go to Edit > Modify > Setup Journal Names

Click the “+” symbol to the left of the journal name you would like to set to auto-number to expand the menu

Enter the CO # and Next Reference #. The Next Reference # is where the auto-number counter will begin. The system will automatically increment the counter by 1 after each transaction. Click OK when finished.

Now, when creating a manual entry to the Q1 journal the system will auto-number the transaction once it is saved.



If you go back to Setup Journal Names you will notice the Next Reference # has incremented by 1.

In addition to manual entries, the system will also auto-number in the accounting interface linked to that journal.

For example, the Daily Deposits interface is linked to the Q1 journal and will also be set to auto-number.

Once you save your deposit the system will auto-number to transaction.

*Note: The Next Reference number must be ALL numeric and cannot contain alpha characters (e.g., Q12345 WILL NOT work)