Security Basics

This page is intended to show you mechanically how to operate the Security module. You must have a deep understanding of how Motility’s Infinity system works and how all the modules integrate to fully understand the permissions. For a more conceptual understanding we recommend scheduling a training course with a Motility Professional Service Consultant (additional fees may apply). Please contact Motility Training and Professional Services at if interested.

  1. How to create groups
    • Open the Security module and click the new group icon and then enter a group name and select whether this is a group for ‘Full’ or ‘Partial’ license users.
    • Open the group from the security module, press the ‘Permissions’ button, and check off the permissions that you want to apply to the users that will be part of this group, press save and then exit when you are finished.
    • Add users to the group by pressing the ‘Add’ button, select a user from the list of users that generates and press the ‘Add’ button in the security users window.
  2. How to create users
    • At the top of the security page press the new user icon button.
    • Enter a username and then select the user from the ‘Employee Number’ drop down menu. Create a password and enter it in the ‘Password’ and ‘Confirm Password’ fields (there are no limitations for password on this screen, if the user will be logging on to the server using an NT account, they will not need to keep this password). Select whether this account will be using a Full or Partial license from the dropdown. You may also want to check the ‘User cannot change password’ checkbox.
    • Click Create
  3. How to disable users
    • Locate the user’s username on the security screen, right click the username and select ‘Disable Account’.
    • Alternatively, you can look the employee up in the ‘Employee Setup’ module and apply a termination date to the employee. When you save you will receive a message letting you know that the user has been disabled in security.
  4. How to add and remove users from groups
    • If you double-click a user’s profile and select the ‘Member Of’ tab you will see an ‘Add’ and ‘Remove’ button. Pressing the ‘Add’ button will open a list of all available security groups. You can highlight a group and press the ‘Add’ button to add the user to that group. To remove a user from a group you will highlight the group on the ‘Member Of’ tab and press the ‘Remove’ button.
  5. How to copy Users/Groups
    • If you right click on a security profile (for an individual user or a security group) you will have 4 options. The first two options ‘Copy to New User’ and ‘Copy to New Group’ will allow you to generate either a new security profile or a new security group with the same permissions as the profile or group you are copying from. The other two options ‘Copy to User’ and ‘Copy to Group’ will allow you to overwrite the permissions of an existing user or group with permissions of the user or group you’re copying from. When copying from Group-to-Group the system will also copy the users of the group you are copying from. You may need to remove those users from the new group.
  6. How to reset a password
    • If you right click a security profile and select ‘Reset Password’ you will receive a prompt to change the user’s password. There are two major items to note when you do this. First, this will not affect users that are logging on to the server with an NT username and password. Second, this will update the password that is used to log on to Infinity Mobile.
  7. Report Security Levels
    • All reports in Motility software are assigned an internal Security Level. A user must have the appropriate report security level to be able to generate the report from the reporting module. You can modify the default security level from the security module by selecting Edit > Report Security Levels. On the screen that opens you can filter for a specific report (using the yellow filter bar underneath the column header) and then change the security level in the ‘Security Level’ column. *Report security levels do not cascade down (e.g., If a user has report security level 10, it DOES NOT allow them to run report levels 1-9). They have to have the exact report security level for the module and report they want to access.

Tips & Tricks

  • There are multiple types of permissions in the Motility security module
    • Allowance – gives someone access to a process, screen, or field
    • Restriction – restricts access to a process, screen, or field
    • Read-Only – makes a screen or field visible, but not editable
  • Be careful putting a single user in multiple groups. Often a permission from one group blocks access to a process, screen, or field unintentionally and then you have to decide to remove the permission from the entire group or create an entirely new group for one user.