Introduction:  The Infinity software has the ability to schedule time for your mechanics so that all work can be done without overlapping jobs and keeping clients happy. This page will walk you through the scheduling procedures in the software.

This page explains how to:

  1. Assign Tech to Repair Line
  2. Schedule
  3. RO After Assigning Tech

Assign Tech to Repair Line

In an open invoice, go to the “Schedule” tab of the job line.  Here you will input the drop off date, pick-up date, and the estimated hours this job will take.  The system then blocks off the proper amount of time when you assign this to a mechanic.

Now to assign a tech, click the “Schedule” button.



The Schedule button will open the dispatching calendar to assign the job to a mechanic. When opened, the time will appear in the “Unassigned” column. You will have a list of Mechanics (this requires some setup by Sys2k) to simply drag and drop the appointment in the time slot available for the mechanic you choose.


Please note that if you move the time or date on the calendar the system will update the invoice as well.

Also please make sure to select the “Apply” button to save the changes and then select “Ok” to exit the calendar.




RO After Assigning Tech

The system will also dispatch the job to that mechanic as well.

NOTE: Please contact Motility Support to set up proper permissions and teams in order to use the scheduling correctly.