Returns / Credit Invoices

Create a New Invoice.

Click “Apply Return“. – A box will pop up to Apply Return. Enter the original invoice number you are crediting.

After entering the invoice number and clicking ok, a Return Item Process box will pop up (if there are multiple parts on the invoice, it will go through this for each one).  Select which option you would like to do. Enter Comments.

Once you select one of the return options, the system will automatically create a line with the part number(s) as well as auto-populate the negative quantity for you.
**Note**: If more than 1 was sold of the part and the customer is returning more than one, you will need to adjust the negative quantity accordingly.

Review the ticket.

Click “Cash Out“, if it needs to be cashed out at that time. (A box may pop up giving you information about the balance being less than 0, click ok)

From here, process the refund as a normal ticket.