Prospect Reassignment

Reassigning a salesperson’s leads can be accomplished from the Prospect Reassignment option in the CRM. Below are the steps to achieve this.

1.  Click “Edit” from the toolbar, and select Prospect Reassignment













2.  At the top of the screen, it will prompt for you to select the salesperson whose prospects need reassignment, as well as the prospect status

3.  Right below that are two boxes, one listing all salespeople (left) and the other side is for the salesperson to have the previous salesperson’s prospects (right)
4.  You can select salespeople individually by selecting the arrow at the top “>” or if you want to select all salespeople, click the doubled arrow “>>
Note:  you can remove prospects by performing the opposite function with the “<” and “<<” arrows

5.  Once finished, click “Reassign” and the process will be complete.