Paying the Consigner

After you have sold a unit for a consigner and need to pay the agreed amount, this page will walk you through creating the payable and writing the check.  The payable is not created until the unit is in Unit Inventory, and after the deal is complete and posted to accounting.

This page explains how to:

  1. Create the Payable
  2. Write the Check

Creating the Payable

*The payable is not created until after the deal is complete and posted to accounting.

In order to write the check to the consigner, you need to create a payable.  In order to create that payable, create a General Purchase Order (GPO).

Create the GPO, either from Parts & Service or Accounting:










Specific Information needed in the GPO

When the GPO is open we need to enter in some specific information:

  • A- The Consigner in the Entity Information.
  • B-The Entity Reference.
  • C- The amount of the check that will be created.
  • D- The correct inventory GL Acct from the deal.
  • E- The Stock number of the unit.

When you have completed entering the information and are ready for it to post, click the Order & Receive button.


Write the Check

In accounting, click the (00)Write Check/Drafts under Banking.






After you click the Add  button and pull up the consigner in the Entity Information, you will see the amount to pay.  Take notice that the Type is set to Standard.

Click the Pay button.

If there was work done on the unit before it could be sold that was put on account of the consigner, that amount can come out of the check to write to the consigner.

Change the Type to Customer Refund.

You will see the grid change to show the amount that is on account from the work order that had been created.

Again, click the Pay button.

After clicking: