Parts Packaging Ratios Explained

Introduction: Packaging Ratio is the number of parts in an ordered package. For example, if there is a Packaging Ratio of “10” assigned to a part, it indicates that when the user re-orders the part, they will order by the box and receive ten parts in the box. This means the dealer will be putting ten individual parts into inventory.

This page explains how to:

  1. Locate the Packaging Ratio
  2. Selling Packaging

Locate the Packaging Ratio

From the General tab in Master Inventory, in the upper right-hand corner are the Selling Packaging, Purchase Packaging, and Packaging Ratio fields.


Selling Packaging

If you sell the part with two actual parts in the package, you will set the Selling Packaging at 2.  For example, if you by a bag that has 10 bells in it, but you re-package and sell the bells as a set of two, the following would be how you would set up the part.

*It is important that the price and cost of the part is correct.  In the example above, you would be buying a bag of 10 bells at a cost of $5.00, and selling 2 bells at a price of $10.00.