Parts Master Inventory Knowledge

Introduction: All of the dealership’s parts profiles will be located in the Master Inventory. This will allow a user to add new parts as well as search for existing parts in the system.

This page explains how to:

  1. Open Master Inventory
  2. Key Information in Master Inventory
  3. Parts Reports

Open Master Inventory

To Open the Master Inventory, click on the (600) Master Inventory from under the Miscellaneous in the tree in the left side of the Pars & Service splash page.

This will open the Master Inventory for the location you are in.


Key Information in Master Inventory

When a part is open, the user is able to view any information about the part including:

  1. Total On Hand, Allocated, and Available
  2. Min/Max for suggested re-order methods
  3. Default supplier of a part
  4. Part Category, as to how it will be considered cashed out and which GL to send it to
  5. Selling, Purchase, and Packing Ratio
  6. The Retail, Replacement, and Average Cost
  7. Checkboxes for Taxes, Obsolete Parts, and Cost and Price.

All of these fields are on the General Tab. There are many other tabs that allow customization for a part in the Master Inventory.


Parts Reports

The Parts Module has its own set of reports. Some notable, widely-used Parts Reports are The Master Inventory Report, Quantity Reports, Aging Reports, and the Barcode Reports from Master (to print barcodes for any of the parts in the Master Inventory).