Overriding a Flat Rate Time with a Repair Code

Introduction:  In certain circumstances, you will need to override the flat rate time (if a job is harder than the flat rate called for you may need to override the set time).  To do this, you can use the “Use Repair Code Pricing” checkbox.

Change the payable hours in the repair code box to the newly updated pay time and those settings will take effect.

For example, the job calls for 1 hour, however, due to circumstances outside of the mechanic’s control, the job ended up taking 2 hours.

If we simply completed the job at this point, the mechanic would only be paid 1 hour.

In this scenario, management agreed to pay the mechanic 2 hours yet still bill the customer 1.  To over-ride the flat rate time and ensure the mechanic gets paid 2, you need to key in the billable and payable amounts into the repair code box and then check off “Use Repair Code Pricing”.