Ontario Warranty

Introduction:  This page walks you through how Ontario customers will handle warranty tickets.  The reason for the different steps is due to taxing issues in Ontario and how the warranty process is completed.  It is recommended that a Warranty AR account be created for tracking in reports and pay type for Ext Warr On Account be set to that GL.

Type of Repair Line

Create the work order as you would normally, but instead of setting the Type to Warranty, instead to Ext. Warranty.


Cashing Out

When the Cash Out screen comes up, you will click on the Extended Warranty button.

This will create an AR entry on the Ext Warranty Company.


Accepting a credit to parts and an overpayment

If the company is going to give you a credit on parts, and also sends an overpayment, using the (503) Accept Payment On Account under Cashier we can apply that credit.

This will open the Payment Details window.


  1. Enter the company name of the warranty company. Example: Prinoth
  2. Enter the Ref# which would be the claim number. Example: 404201856
  3. Click the “Pay” button on the correct line that matches the work order. 123614
  4. In the transaction grid at the bottom of the window, enter a debit to the correct AP account. Example 2100

If there is an overage, on the credit enter the amount from the warranty company.  For example, if they sent 1137.40.  Then also add the overage/shortage account to handle that amount.


When you have verified that your values, click on the “Save” button and “Exit” button.

This will clear the AR account for that work order, credit the AP of the warranty company, and debit the over/under the account.