Motility Consignment Process

Create Consigner in CRM

  1. Add the consigner’s information
  2. AR Info: Allow a Credit Limit that will cover any parts and labor charges


Create Consignment Unit

  1. Add the basic unit information
  2. Consignment Tab: Mark the unit as Consignment
  3. Consignment Tab: Enter the consigner’s entity number
  4. Financial Tab: Enter the Consigment amount as Purchase Price
  5. Financial Tab: Enter the consigner’s entity number as AP in the Floorplan section


Charge for Service

  1. In Parts and Service, bill service work as retail
  2. Cash out on Consigner’s account


Charge for Advertising

  1. Tools > General PO and AR Invoices > AR Invoice
  2. Create an invoice for the Advertising Fee each month


Pay the Consigner

  1. Open the check writer
  2. Pay the consignment amount
  3. Change to Customer Refund Check Type
  4. Pay any Negative AR balances