Mechanic Mode Procedures

Introduction:  As a Technician, the Infinity Software has a Mechanic Mode that helps cut down time in front of a computer. This page will take you through the steps on how to use the Mechanic Mode.

This page explains how to:

  1. Log In – Clock In on RO
  2. Parts Request
  3. Mechanic Notes
  4. View Repair Order
  5. Review – Mech Copy
  6. Unit Location
  7. Flag Time Hours
  8. Payable Hours
  9. Final Steps On Repairs

Log In – Clock In on RO

When you log into the system you will automatically be logged into Mechanic mode once you open up Parts and Service. This is to be set up by Motility Software Solutions. If not you will have to manually enter Mechanic Mode.

Manually enter Mechanic Mode:

Note: To enter Mechanic Mode manually, you will have to type “M” then your Mechanic number in the “screen number” field on the bottom left on Parts and Service





You should see a “Service Open Listing – Open For Mechanic – Your name”, once you open Parts and Service.

Now that you are in the home screen for Mechanic Mode, you can see all the jobs/ invoices that are assigned to you. If you do not see an invoice on this list, you should talk to your service advisor. (You must be assigned to at least 1 repair in order for this to populate on your screen)

Once you have verified the invoice that you should be working on, go ahead and click on the “Open” tab all the way to the right on the columns.

This will open a “Quick View” Version of the invoice where you can Clock in/out of repairs, Request Parts and put details like Cause and Correction.

Now you will select a repair line from the Job box drop down. Once you have your repair line selected, you will click the “Edit” button so you can make changes to the repair.

You will see that the fields within the screen go from greyed out to White if you have done the step correctly.

Before:                                                                                                                                          After:


Now you are set to make changes to the Invoice. The first step will be to clock into the job. Simply click on “Clock in on Document ABC123 Job 1” in GREEN. The Clock out button will change to RED.

Before Clocked In:                                                                                                               After Clocked In:


NOTE: Clock will show you “Clock Time” In BLUE

Now that you are clocked into the repair, the next step would be to change the Repair Status to “In Process”. This will be visible to anyone that wants to see if you have started the repair.

Note: You will leave the Repair Status “In Process” until you are completely done with the repair. This will let anyone know the repair has been started, the Clock In/Out will let anyone know if you are currently working on that repair.


The only step left is to select the “DONE” button on the invoice to save the changes you have made. Again the document should grey out if you selected the “Done” box corrected

Before:                                                                                                                                           After:


There are multiple options once you are working on the vehicle that you can use with the “Mechanic Mode” screen from requesting parts, putting in your notes, to updating the cause and correction. This section will walk you through all of those tools.


Parts Request

Once you have the job line selected, select the parts request box to open the request section. The system will auto-fill in the “Request By” and “Date”.

In the open Request area, you can type in the info and part need for you. You also want to input the Department so that the parts advisor can see where the request came from. Once you are done, select the SAVE button to finish the request. The system will send the request to the parts dept. If you want to see what the status of the part is, just simply open the Parts Request again and the Status will be updated as the parts department fills it in.

Mechanic Notes

In this area, you can make any notes you wish to save on the repair. This will be visible to anyone who has the ability to view repair orders.  You can also key in your Mechanic ASR’s (Suggested repairs) into the notes pop up as well.

View Repair Order

This will let you see the complete Work Order instead of just the Mechanic Mode version.  Please note that if you elect to enter the full work order you will lock the RO.  No other employees will be able to access this document until you exit the full RO screen.


Review – Mech Copy

You will be able to print out another copy of the Work Order.

Unit Location

This is used to track where the unit is located. When you have open the location tool, the unit will list all the locations it has. You can highlight the location on the list and select “UPDATE” and the system will change the current location to the one selected.


Flag Time Hours

NOTE: This will only apply to Flat Rate employees. Hourly employees can bypass the payable hour’s portion.

Flag time hours gives the user the ability to see what flag times they have and the payable hours.

You can view this screen by your flag times or your payable hours. Also, you can see all your punch times or hours. The punch times gives you the detail of each time clocked in and out of a repair. Punch Hours gives you a total for those punches. Payable hours will show once you adjust your payable hours on the mechanic mode screen.


Payable Hours

Once you have the repair selected. You will click on the “Time Clock” on the menu. This will open a box to input your payable hours. You will need to put the time in the adjust column to add your hours. The system will not let you input more payable hours then the repair has been set with (the amount of hours the job pays is input by the service advisor).


Final Steps On Repairs

Now you can input your final Cause and Correction on the repair line(s), make sure you punch times, and Payable hours are correct. Also, you will want to change the repair in Mechanic Done Status. Once this is done and you exit the screen the repair will drop off your invoice list (the status does this).