Mechanic Flag Time Procedures

Introduction: This page covers how mechanics will flag time, make modifications, and the reports associated.

This page explains:

  1. Creating an RO and keying in the billable hours
  2. When the work is dispatched to the Mechanic
  3. Actual and Payable Boxes
  4. Flag Times Detail Report
  5. Add/Modify Mechanic Flag Times
  6. Flag Times Report After Modifying
  7. If the Mechanic Clocks in on that Job Again
  8. Mechanic Flagging Report Parameters

Create an RO and key in the billable hours

The mechanic number can be left blank up to the time that the job is completed. NOTE: We suggest the mechanic number be assigned to this line before running any flagging reports; otherwise the billable column will display a zero under that mechanic’s flag sheets.


When the work is dispatched to the Mechanic

When the work is dispatched to a mechanic, the mechanic will either go into the mechanic time clock program or into the work order and click the Flag Times tab to clock in.

*The company settings should be set as recommended below:


Actual and Payable Boxes

The actual and the payable box will be updated with the total hours from the Flag Times tab.

To add or subtract additional hours from the suggested payable amount, create another line and type in the additional amount.  For a reduction, type a minus sign in front of the number (-1).  The mechanic must be assigned to the bill line prior to completing the repair line.


Flag Times Detail Report

When the Flag Times Detail report is created, the results should be similar to these.  Note in this example that the Actual is 1.98 (true punch times), the Payable is 2.98 (punch + the 1 hour), and the Unpaid is 2.98 because we haven’t run payroll. Billable is zero because we haven’t assigned a mechanic to the Billable line at this time.

Once the Billable is assigned, the report will look as shown below.

The report should be handed to the mechanic for review and sign off.  This procedure must be done at least 1 day BEFORE the payroll day.

Make any need corrections to the flag times until satisfied with the report.


Add/Modify Mechanic Flag Times

At this point, if the user is not using the Sys2K Payroll, go into Service and at the top of the screen, click Tools →Service Tools→Add/Modify Mechanic Flag Times.

The following screen will appear. Set the pay period dates accordingly. IMPORTANT: Verify the correct dates.  Otherwise, the user may set flag times in the next pay period as already being paid. Click the “Set Flag Times to Paid” button.


Flag Times Report After Modifying

The Flag Times report will now display as shown below. Notice that the payable hours did not change; however, the Unpaid Hours is now set to zero.


If the Mechanic Clocks in on that Job Again

If the mechanic clocks in on that job again the payable hours will accumulate.  Notice the Paid checkbox on the first clock time.

The total Actual and Payable have been updated to the total clock times.

The Flag Time report now reflects the additional punch times as unpaid.

Since this example is based on a pure flat rate shop, when the job is closed the total payable amount will change to the billable amount.

When the Flag Time Detail report is now run, you will get the following results. Note that the total payable is 4 hours; which is equal to the total billable.

The unpaid is calculated on the fact that the mechanic was previously paid 2.98 hours and thus we need to pay him the difference of 1.02 hours (2.98 + 1.02=4 billable hours).


Mechanic Flagging Report Parameters