Letter Printing

Go to Letter Printing in the CRM and select to Add/Modify Letters.


Select a Letter Type – this will determine the type of fields you will have when making a formula or using Insert-Merge fields in the actual letter. Fill in the criteria as you see fit. To make a formula, choose a ‘Field’, an ‘Operator’, and the values you are looking for (you may need to use a comma when applicable. Make sure you open and close the brackets. The customers can reply if you want by putting an email in the Reply Address. Also, specify the send method you want.

Click ‘Edit Letter’ and create an HTML file. If you already have a file for your letter, click the triple-dot button on the File Name section.

Edit the contents of the letter and insert fields that will merge content to the letter that is unique to every customer that will get this letter. Note: These Insert-Merge fields pull information that is saved on a customer’s entity information within the CRM, so you must make sure that the information is complete and saved for every customer you have.

Save the letter to the location you would like it to go in.

Click on ‘Show Results’ to test the formula.


You will see the results in spreadsheet format.

Note that you can export the results list. You will click on the ellipses “”  button which will open up the ‘Save As’ screen.

You must select where you want to save the file, give it a file name and click ‘Save’. It will automatically save it as an Excel (.xls) file unless you save it as another file type; for example a .csv file for Open Office.

The file path and file name will be populated in the ‘Export File Name:’ field. Click the ‘Export’ button to send the file to where you told it to go.

When the letter is satisfactory, make sure you click ‘Save’ and click ‘OK’. When you are ready to print, go to Letter Printing and select ‘Print Letters’. You can select the letter and other criteria as you see fit. Then click ‘OK’.