How to use the Taxes Tab

Introduction: This page will illustrate how to view, set, and override taxes on a deal.

This page explains how to:

  1. View the taxes on a deal
  2. Tax Retail Unit Only
  3. Tax Retail – Trade Difference
  4. Max Trade Disc.
  5. Override Taxes
  6. Remove Tax Override
  7. Tax Breakdown

View the taxes on a deal

To view the taxes on a deal, click the Taxes tab in the deal.


Tax Retail Unit Only

If you need to tax the retail unit only, in the upper left of the Taxes tab, select the Tax Retail Unit Only: option.

Tax Retail – Trade Difference

The taxes are set to default to calculate based on the retail amount of the unit minus the trade allowance.  This is indicated with the Tax Retail – Trade Difference.

Max Trade Disc.

When you want to set a maximum amount to use as the trade difference to be taxable, enter in that amount in the Max Trade Disc. box.  For example, if the maximum amount you want taxable on a trade is $1500, and the retail amount on the unit is $30,000.

This will make the Taxable Amount $28,500.00.

Override Taxes

If you need to override the taxes on a deal, click the Override Taxes: box.  This will change the view of the Taxes layout for you to enter in the amounts you want the taxes to be set to.

*If you need to add an additional tax override, simply click the “Add Tax Override” button.


Remove a Tax Override

To remove a tax override, select it by clicking the Arrow to the left, then press Delete on the keyboard.


Tax Breakdown

The Tax Breakdown allows every Fee, Warranty, Deposit, Unit, and Trade to be taxed at a different rate.

The Location corresponds with the three Titling Rates above the breakdown.

If a particular fee is taxed at a different rate, you can choose Location Other, and manually enter the Titling Rate.