How to Use the Service Tab

Introduction: You are able to view the service history for a stock number being sold and the trade vehicle, print repairs, and allows the sales department to track whether or not service has completed prep & delivery on the unit before finalizing and sending to accounting.

This page contains:

  1. Where to Access the Service History
  2. View the Repair
  3. Print Repair

Where to Access the Service History

Under the Service tab you will see the Units attached to the deal.  This includes the unit(s) being sold, as well as the trade.

To see the History of a certain unit, click on it in the left tree, which will change the display to show that unit’s history.


View the Repair

To see the actual repair, first click on the repair.  The repair will change color to indicate that you have selected it.

Then click “View Repair” button at the bottom of the screen.  This will launch the RO for you from the Parts & Service module.

Print Repairs

The “Print Repairs” button will automatically print the Service Invoice(s).