How to Create a Recurring AR Invoice

In the Accounting module, go to Tools > General PO and AR Invoices > AR Invoices (on the Document Type pop up window)


-A new/blank AR Invoice will open.

-Add the entity to the invoice by searching for one of the options in the drop down.

-Fill out the remaining information as needed.  Required fields are the Entity Reference (needs to be unique) and GL Acct # (the AR account) fields in the header.


On the left of the header section:

-Select the Frequency the invoice should be billed: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly. The journal ID will auto-populate however can be changed.


Below the header:

-Enter in the description of what is being invoiced along with the fields to the right. The GL Account in this section will be the Revenue GL.

It is not necessary to fill in Job Number, Sub Number, or Notes.  These are optional and for your records.

Once the invoice is completely filled out click Exit and Yes to Save.

Processing Invoices

-Once the invoice(s) are created, to process them go back into General PO and AR Invoices under the Tool menu.

-This time click on Process Invoices.

-Invoices will generate and print out to the designated printer.