How to Add a Part to Inventory

Introduction: This page will walk you through the process on how to add a basic part into your master inventory.

This document contains how to:

  1. Open Master Inventory
  2. Add the New Part

Open Master Inventory

From the Parts\Service module, select (600) Master Inventory from the Parts & Service tree on the left side of the screen.  This will open a blank master inventory page.


Add the New Part

Select the Add button on the bottom left of the page.  This will open a New Part page, this where you will add the new part number. After you add the number select OK.

The minimum information needed for the part to be saved includes:

Default Supplier


Part Number


*See image below.

At this point, you can select “Save” and the part has been added to your master inventory.


If the part is added to a Purchase Order or Order list and does not exist, the system will ask you if you want to add the part and will take you through the same process.