General Purchase Orders

Introduction: This page covers how General Purchase Orders, or “GPOs”, are created, what information is entered, how to locate GPOs in the system, and how they post in accounting.

This page explains how to:

  1. Create a GPO
  2. General Purchase Order Layout
  3. Order Later, Order Now, Order & Receive
  4. Accounting Transaction of GPO
  5. Re-Open Ticket
  6. Search Button

Create a GPO

You can create a GPO in two places.

  1. Parts & Service under the Purchase Ordering menu tree
  2. Accounting, under Tools->General PO and AR Invoices.

General Purchase Order Layout

In order to create the GPO that will post properly to accounting, there is certain information needed to be included.

  1. Entity Information – who you are buying from. (Auto-populates the “Pay To :”)
  2. Entity Reference – used to search in Accounting
  3. GL Acct # – to Credit the AP account. (Defaults to Comp Info “Default AP Acct”.)
  4. Cost – the cost of the purchase.
  5. GL Acct. – Debit Acct. (Usually EX or CT, but can be RE or AS account type.)

*Purchase Order #, Sublet Document #, Ordered By, and Received By are not editable and automatically populate.
**Ext Cost is the Qty times Cost.

***Description, Comments, and other fields can be entered based on what your dealership wants to include.
****If the Entity has an AP Acct assigned to it in CRM, the GL Acct # will populate with that instead of the default from Company Information.

Order Later, Order Now, Order & Receive

In the bottom right-hand corner are the Order Later, Order Now, and Order & Receive buttons.

Order Later is to save the GPO without ordering it.

Order Now is to place the order now, but you haven’t received the item yet.  You will be asked to verify the order.  You will see the three buttons change in the bottom right-hand corner to:

Order & Receive is to place and receive the order now, which will post it to accounting. You will be asked to verify the order.  You will see the three buttons change in the bottom right-hand corner to:

*Order & Receive will also place the PO on the Purchase Order List-Post to Acct.

Accounting Transaction of GPO

In accounting you can search for the GPO by the PO number (Reference Number), or the Entity Reference number.  As you can see, the information input on the GPO shows on the accounting transaction.

You will find this transaction in the P1 Journal for the month it was posted in.

Re-Open Ticket

If you Order Now, or Order & Receive, you will see that a “Re-Open Ticket” button appears.  Clicking this re-opens the GPO, placing it back on the Purchase Order List – Not Fulfilled page.

*If you re-open a GPO that has posted to accounting, the system will create a reversal journal entry and posting journal entry when you receive the GPO again.  In accounting there will be the original post, reversal post, and new post.

Search Button

From any GPO you can search for other GPOs.  At the bottom of the GPO, to the left is the Search button.  Clicking will open the GPO Search window.  Here you enter the information you know about the GPO to find the one you are looking for then click List.