Entity Consolidation

**Please notate that although you can not delete an entity, you can merge the duplicates entities together. If you do not want the entity to show up anymore you can uncheck the show as prospect check box on the Lead Info tab in the CRM. This will keep that entity from being added to an RO, Deal, Parts ticket, and so on. Before merging entities keep in mind the process can not be undone, and you should make sure there are no AR or AP entries that correspond to the entity you would like to merge into another entity as these will be lost.**


To consolidate entities that have little in common, you need to follow these steps.


**Please notate that you can’t delete an entity, but you can merge the duplicates entities together. Merging entities CANNOT be reversed, so make sure you are selecting the correct entities to merge before completing the process. **


1. Open the CRM module and go to Edit > Consolidate

2. Search by criteria needs the asterisk after the search info and you will need to check include Suppliers, Banks, Warranty Companies as deemed necessary.

3. The results are now grouped by company name which is not appropriate for these entities because they are all spelled differently.  So, click and drag the company grouping back down to the columns.

4. Very Important!!!  Find a common field, where all the information matches for each entity.  In this example I used email address.  Click and drag the email column back up to the grouping.

5. Click expand.

6. Select the entity you wish to keep and then merge or ignore the appropriate others.