Drop Ship Process

This page will walk you through the Drop Ship Process in the Infinity Software. This process is for parts invoices.

Drop Ship in the Infinity software means the part is being ordered by the dealer and being sent directly from supplier to customer, so the physical part never comes to the dealer, but all ordering/receiving processes remain the same with a few steps that are required in order to complete the Drop Ship process.

  1. Once you are in the invoice and the part that will be ordered is added to the invoice proceed to the “SHIP” tab in the entity’s info box and select the address the part will be shipped to.Ship Tab
    Once Selected

    Address Selection (Choose the address you wish to ship to in the drop down)

    Please note that if the address is not there or it will be shipped to a different address you must add or modify the address by selecting the “ADD/MODIFY ENTITY” box on the invoice.

    To make Changes to address(s)

  2. Once the shipping address is done now on the part that will be ordered we will mark it a D/S. This a very important part as this will cause the address to import on the PO automatically for order.Now you will order the part on the invoice like a normal special order thru an invoice would.Right click on the part being ordered or use the Order parts button on the invoice.

    Please note that the “Order Parts” only show parts with zero qty or qty on hand does not meet the qty being sold. Use the right click option to over ride this and order the part.
    The order screen will now show it as a “Drop Ship” by default.All the Drop Ship info will be filled in on the PO and you can order your part.