Do Not Disturb Option

Version: 3.6.20142.04253

In all modules a “Do Not Disturb” Option is available. If you are in any rotation groups you can temporarily remove yourself from rotations, because you are currently with a customer, lunch break, doctor’s visit, etc.

Once you click on the option, a prompt appears. Add a comment, “In a meeting” for example, and temporarily hide yourself from one or more rotations. Click “Save” to enter in DND Mode. To get out of DND Mode, click the “Do Not Disturb” option on the top right of any module, and click the “Remove From DND” and save.

Time Clock will also list you or others in DND mode. On the “Clock In/Out Status”screen,

you will see who is on the DND list and the comment in blue.

Also, when a new message is created in the CRM and search mode is ON, users in DND mode are shown in blue.