Deposit Cashout Process with Credit Card

This page will walk all users through the process of taking a deposit and cashing a deposit out within the Infinity Deal Desking (F&I)  Module.

To add a deposit to a deal, first open the “Quote” tab and select the “Deposits” subtab found in the center of the window.  Once there, select the “Add New Deposit” button.

Once “Add New Deposit” is selected, a deposit line will be displayed to enter the amount of the deposit.  At this point, you have 2 options.  The first option is “Send to Cashier”, this can be used if the dealer has a centralized cashier which all deposits flow through. The other option is “Cash Out” which indicates that you will take the deposit directly from the customer and will not send it off to a cashier.

*Please note:  If the deposit was sent to a cashier, you will not see the deposit cash out option in the Finance Module.  The deposit can be seen on the deposit list in Parts and Service for the cashier to cash out.  Also, if at any time a deposit has not been cashed out it will be highlighted in yellow on the deposit box in the deal.


Option 2: CASHED OUT

If you have selected to cash out the invoice, the system will take you to the “Cash Out”  screen. Here you will select the payment type.  If you have Credit Card software integrated with Infinity, then you can input the card information to charge the actual card.

Once the Cash Out screen appears, select the Credit Card that is being used to pay for the deposit.

Once you have selected the card type (ex. MasterCard), another screen will appear where you can input the amount (the total amount by default is already filled in).


You may either manually enter the credit card information, or if you are set up with card swipes, you may simply swipe the card and the credit card, information will be filled in onscreen. Once the credit card information has been filled in, select “PROCESS”.

After the card has been processed, select “Print”, “Email” or “Print and Email” to give the receipt to the customer. Once finished, you have taken a deposit successfully in Infinity.



If a refund needs to be made, the process will be the same except that the deposit amount will be made in the negative to refund the money.

The Cash Out Process will also be the same.  Select the same card that was used to charge the deposit.  The amount will appear in the negative.  Simply swipe the customer’s card and select “Process”.  After the card has been processed you will select  “Print”, “Email”, or “Print and Email” to give the receipt to the customer. Once complete,  you have successfully refunded a deposit in Infinity.