Deposit Cash out Process with Credit Card

Introduction: This page will walk all users through the process of taking and cashing out a deposit out within the Infinity Finance Module.

This page explains how to:

  1. Add a New Deposit
  2. Two options after inputting Deposit information
  3. Example choosing Cash Out button
  4. Example choosing Send To Cashier
  5. Refund

Add New Deposit

When you are ready to take money in as a deposit, the first thing you will want to do is add the deposit to the deal.

On the Quote” tab there is a “Deposits” tab that will need to be selected.

Once there you will select the “Add New Deposit” button.


Two options after inputting Deposit information

After you enter the deposit amount, you have two options on how to cash out the deposit.

The first option is “Send To Cashier“, this will be done if the dealer has cashiers setup.

The second option is to “Cash Out“, which indicates that you will take the deposit.

*If at any time a deposit has not been cashed out it will be highlighted in yellow on the deposit box in the deal and the Cashed Out field will be empty.


**Choosing either option will force a save, and you will get an alert that asks if you want to continue with the save.


Example choosing Cash Out button

After you say Yes, the “Infinity Cash Out” window will appear.  Here you will select the payment type.  If you have a Credit Card software integrated with Infinity, select the Credit Card that is being used to pay for the deposit.

After you select the card type being used, the screen will change for you to enter the amount (which will default to the deposit amount).  If the dealer is set up with card swipes, then you can select “SWIPE CC Name”.

Then you will select “PROCESS”. After the card has been processed you will print, email (option for both) the receipt to the customer.


Example choosing Send To Cashier.

If you choose “Send To Cashier” , the deposits will move to Deposits splash page.  The Deposits splash page can be accessed by either the Finance or Parts & Service module.

In Finance, located in the left column, select the (201) Deposits. Or in Parts & Service, located in the left column, select (501) Deposits.

Either selection will open the “Deposits-Open” splash page.

Next enter the Deal # in the drill down field, and select the “Open” on the row.

Next, the “Infinity Cash Out” window will open, and follow the same steps as 3. Example choosing Cash Out button.

After completing the Deposit, the deposit will be grayed out, and the Deposit box will no longer be yellow.

If at any time a refund needs to be made.  The process will be the same except that the deposit amount will be made in the negative to refund the money.

The Cash Out Process will be the same.  You will select the same card that was used to charge the deposit.  The amount will be in the negative already.