Adding Accessories to a Deal

Introduction: This page shows you how to add accessories or parts to a deal, start a service repair order for the added accessories, and sending a notification to the Service department.

This page contains how to:

  1. Access Accessories.
  2. Add Accessories.
  3. Add parts.
  4. Start Service RO .
  5. Explain what happens after starting service RO.
  6. Send a notification to the Service Department.

How to Access Accessories

From the deal in Deal Desking, select the “Acc.” tab.


Add Accessories:

  1. Find a New Line at the bottom of the Accessories, denoted with an “*” at the beginning of the row.
  2. Enter the Accessory Code to load the Description, Cost, and List price of the Accessory. Note: Accessories can be configured in Unit Inventory under Edit → Modify → Accessory Codes.
  3. Or click the ellipsis “” to search for accessories, which will open the Accessory Search window.
  4. Canned Jobs from the Service Module can be added to the unit by clicking the drop-down arrow under Accessory Code.

Add Parts:

  1. Parts from Parts Inventory can be added to a deal by typing the part number, or by doing a Parts Search by clicking the ellipsis “”  button.*The part needs to be checked as Sell In Finance in Master Inventory or you will receive an alert.


Start Service RO for the Accessories and Parts Added:

Before you click “Start Service RO” button, make sure the Add To RO check box is selected for each item to be added to the unit and the Unit column is populated with the Vehicle. Then, click the Start Service RO button.

Explain what happens after starting service RO:

  1. A Service Invoice will be created, and the Invoice Number is displayed on the screen.
  2. The Parts and Accessories will move down under Pre-Installed Accessories section.


  1. Send a notification to the Service Department:

Throughout the deal, you can send a message to a department by clicking the “Add Note” button located next to the “Start Service RO” button at the bottom of the deal.

This will open the Quick Comment window.  Here you can enter your message for that department.