Custom Tab

The custom screen allows you to create a tab with only the fields you want to use.

Custom Screen

Edit > Modify > Custom Screen

To get started, click “New”:
Type the description that will appear on the tab. Then define how many Columns and Rows will appear on the custom tab. You can change this based on how large your monitor is. A good starting point is 4×10:
You can assign this preset to a Unit Type. When the type of a unit changes, the custom tab will change according to the presets you create
Then start choosing the fields to display on the tab. You can choose from any built-in field from all our tabs, or you can choose from the custom fields in Customizations. Assign each field a location with Column and Row. You can set each field as “Input Required” or “Limit To List”. The list is defined in Unit Details Pick List.
As you add fields to the tab, make sure to assign columns and rows according to where the data should appear on the tab:

Organize the data using the “Line” Field. Line also allows for a Caption to be displayed. Use this to create breaks to identify separate sections of data.A custom tab set like this:
Will look like this on the unit: