Creating Batch Reports

This page will walk you through setting up a batch report in Motility’s Infinity Software.

Open the reports module.

Once you have opened the reports module. Select the report you want to setup as a batch. In this example we will be setting up the balance sheet as a batch.

Once you fill in the report filters, right click on the report to get the option menu.

Once you get the menu option, select Add To New Batch.

This opens a pop-up box to fill the information to send the batch report. First step is to name the batch report. Then select your “Action” to Email, Print or Save the report to a Folder. Once you select your Action method you will either input the email address(es) to send to, printer to auto print to, or the folder path to auto-save the report. System will open corresponding field to fill in once action is selected. Then select the Save option. You will get a “Report Batch has been created” box to confirm it was done.

*Note: If using the Email method and sending to multiple addresses, it is recommended that you create an email group on your mail server. This allows you to enter one generic email address (e.g., that will reach multiple people.

Batch Name


Path to Send (In this example I selected email)

Once you have saved your batch we will then need to go into the batch setup screen to determine the frequency at which you would like the report sent.


In the report module select any report and right click on the report to get the report options (this was done previously on this document)

You can also go to it from the Batch option in the report module.

Now you will get a box that will show all batch reports that you have setup and where you can make changes to the batch.

  1. This is where you can edit the Batch Name, Action and Destination (was done in previous steps).
  2. You can delete the batch completely
  3. Test Email if email is the action selected on Batch
  4. This is were you can determine send time, length and occurrence

A. Appointment Time is when the batch will start. Range for recurrence (determine if you will have an end date or not)

B. You can “Un-Schedule” to leave batch for future use but do not want to delete.

C. Recurrence Pattern is how often you would like report to go out

D. Let’s you run the batch to test and also show last time it was ran and results

Select “SAVE” to save setup.

There is a permission that allows users to modify all batch reports. If this is selected a user can view and modify all batch report setups. If not, they can only view batches that they have created.