Creating a Supersession Chain / Succession Parts

Succession/Supersession/Supersede is used when a part number will be replaced by a new part number, from the vendor.

In the Parts and Service Module, click on Tools > Parts Tools > ISuccession.

Once you click on ISuccession, a new window pops up.  This is where you will enter the old part number, and the new part number, replacing the old one.  The Part Description and Price Book number auto populate after entering the part number and moving to the next field. When done, click OK.

Note: If the New Part does not exist in Master Inventory,  it will be added to with the information from the original part number.

Once OK is clicked, the confirmation window appears letting you know “The succession process has completed for part number XXXX”.  Click OK. The Supercession window will still be active. Click Close to exit.


Viewing a Superseded Part in Master Inventory

When a superseded part is viewed in Master Inventory, a note appears at the bottom next to the Supercession Chain button letting the user know “This part has been superseded.”


Selling a Superseded Part

Superseded parts are able to be sold on invoices. An icon indicator will display on the part line letting the user know the part has been superseded.

Click on the icon to view the substitute information.

Ordering a Superseded Part

If a superseded part is added to an Order List, a prompt comes up letting the user know “This part has been superseded, are you sure you want to order this part?”  It will be up to the dealership to decide yes or no.