Creating a Parts Kit

Parts Kit are created in the Parts and Service module.

  1. Click Edit > Modify > Parts Kit. See the first screenshot.
  2. On the next screen click New. See 2nd screenshot.
  3. The next screen will look like a parts invoice. See the third screenshot. Enter:

-Description of this kit, which will act like the “part number”, See the third screenshot.

-All parts to be included in this kit.

-Click “Exit” when done.


Whenever you want to add this Parts Kit to an invoice, type in the description name as you would a part number, and the appropriate parts will populate on the invoice automatically.

If you wish to manually set a parts price in a Kit so that it does not calculate each time a Kit is added you must key the price directly into the “Calc” field.  For example if you’d like to set an item to retail for $3.00 in a kit.  Then type 3.00 into the “Calc” field on that part.  Be warned that if you manually set the price in the “Calc” field, if the cost of the part goes up to $4.00 the parts kit will still show a retail price of $3.00 unless you manually update the kit.