Cash Drawer Opening /Closing Procedure(s)

This page explains how to:

  1. Open a Cash Drawer in Parts & Service
  2. Opening Balance
  3. Cash Drawer Closing Procedure

How to add a Cash Drawer to the Cash Drawer Picklist

  1. Select Edit > Add/ Modify Cash Drawer Picklist

  1. Click the ‘Add Item’ button to add a line, you can enter a name for the new cash drawer. Press the ‘Apply’ button and then press ‘Ok’ to exit.

  1. You can assign employees to a specific Cash Drawer from the Employee Setup module. Select an employee, and pick a cash drawer from the Cash Drawer Number drop down menu. This list will populate with all of the cash drawers that you added from the Parts and Service Module.

Open a Cash Drawer in Parts & Service

From the Parts and Service Module, click on the “(502) Open/Close Cash Drawer” button under the Cashier section in the left pane.

A screen will pop up allowing the cash drawer to be opened.  If the user has the appropriate security permissions, they can enter the “Cash Drawer” number they wish to open.  Most users, however, will be assigned a cash drawer number that will appear automatically in the “Cash Drawer” field.

Please note that cash drawers are station specific, if the dealership has multiple stations assigned to the same cash drawer, each user will have to follow the same procedure at their individual station to attach themselves to the main cash drawer.

Opening Balance
The “Opening Balance” should also be defaulted; the user can override this with the correct amount if necessary.

*It is important to remember that when opening a cash drawer, it opens the drawer on that LOCAL machine.  If the user logs off and another user logs on to that local machine, this will cash out the cash drawer that the first user had opened.  If after opening a cash drawer on a local machine the user logs off and moves to a new computer, they will need to re-open that cash drawer again on the new machine.  The system simply attaches that newly opened drawer to the original cash drawer.  When the cash drawer at any machine is closed, it will close that cash drawer for all of them.

Cash Drawer Closing Procedure

Once you are ready to close your cash Drawer for the day, the first thing that you should do is run the “Cashier EOD report”.

On the report filter you will select you cash drawer, the date and also which reports you would like to run. The most common ones are: Cash Drawer Summary Report, Cash Drawer Transaction Report and Cash Drawer Transaction Report Detail.

Once you have seen your totals you can go back to Parts and Service and “(502) Open/Close Cash Drawer” button.

You will get a Box that allows you to enter the breakdown of what is in your cash drawer including the amount you began with. The cash drawer difference should be a zero once you have counted all your cash, checks and Credit Cards receipts for the day. Once you have verified your totals you can now select the Close cash drawer button and you are done with your cash drawer for the day.