Canned Jobs

Introduction:  A canned job is a template that can be used when you have common jobs that will be done often.  Using a canned job saves you time from having to constantly enter the same information in a service ticket.  This page walks you through creating canned jobs, and adding them to service invoices.

This explains how to:

  1. Access the Canned Job Screen
  2. Create the Canned Job
  3. Add a Canned Job to a service invoice

Accessing the Canned Job Screen

In the Parts and Service module, under Edit, Modify, select Canned Jobs.

This will open the Add/Modify Canned Jobs window.


Creating the Canned Job

In the Add/Modify Canned Jobs window, click on the New button to open the template.

When the RO-Template opens enter a description.  You can add the complaint, cause, correction, repair code, type, parts, etc…  *Pricing can change depending on the type of job or customer on the invoice.  If you want to force a specific price for a part, enter a specific price into the CALC column on that part’s line.

When you’ve completed building the template, click the Exit button in the bottom right.


Adding a Canned Job to a service invoice

To add the canned job to a new quote or invoice, or an existing invoice, click on the Canned Job button at the bottom middle of the RO.  This will pull up the ‘Canned Jobs Search’ Screen.


Enter the name of the Canned Job you want to add, then press Find.  Then the Ok button.


The repair lines will be replaced with what was created in the template.