Auto Check Writing

Introduction: The ability to write checks to vendors in batches speeds up the amount of time spent processing checks to multiple vendors. It also allows the AP clerk to print remittance reports for selected invoices to get approval from management prior to printing the batch.

This page explains how to:

  1. Access Check Writer
  2. Write Checks in Batches
  3. Choosing which entities to pay
  4. Printing Batch of Checks after selecting entities

Access Check Writer

Infinity has a built-in check writer that allows dealers to create and print checks, and also auto-draft transactions. The check writing system automatically tracks accounts payable, floorplan and floorplan interest balances.

To open the check writer, click on (00) Write Check/Drafts under the Banking section of the menu tree.  The Check Detail window will open.

Write Checks in Batches

On the bottom row of buttons, click the Auto Check Writing button.  In the bottom left, you can narrow down the results by Profit Center, entities, a GL Account Number, or Ending Due Date.

If you don’t need to narrow down your results, simply click on the Proceed to Check Writing button with the fields empty. The “Creating Auto Checks” will run, to then display all the entities that have an AP balance that needs to be paid.

You will see the layout change on the left of the Check Writer. Then go through the entities on the list, and select the entities you want to pay.

Choosing which entities to pay

From the list on the left, click on the entities that you want to print checks for in this batch.  Once you choose an entity, you will see the transactions you can pay.  Then you can select to Pay All or pick which invoices you are paying in this batch.

*You can pay more than one invoice to the same entity without paying all the invoices by choosing multiple Pay buttons.  For each Pay button you select, you will see that payment appear in the bottom middle section.

*After each entity, remember to click Save.

Printing Batch of Checks after selecting entities

After you have gone through and selected the entities you are going to pay in this batch, click the Print Checks button in the bottom left corner.

Only the checks you have selected will print in this batch.