Adjusting a Flag Time

Introduction: In certain circumstances, you will need to over-ride the flat rate time.  This page walks you through making that adjustment.

NOTE: This article only applies to flat rate shops that have the setting ‘Change Payable to Billable on Completion of Job’ enabled in Company Information.

Add an Additional Line

Add an additional line for the mechanic in question and input the difference payable into the mechanic grid.

For example, the job calls for 1 hour, however, due to circumstances outside of the mechanic’s control the job ended up taking 2 hours.

If we completed the job at this point, the mechanic would only be paid 1 hour.

However, in this scenario management agreed to pay the mechanic 2 hours yet still bill the customer for 1.  To over-ride the flat rate time, and to ensure the mechanic gets paid the extra hour, once the job is completed simply key in the mechanic employee number into the mechanic grid and add the additional Pay time.

Note: You must wait until the job is completed before keying this adjustment.