Accounting: Recurring Entries

Introduction: For transactions that occur on a scheduled basis (bi-weekly, weekly, monthly) for the same flat amounts, rather than having to enter them into the system every single time, they can be generated as Recurring Entries that can be posted in a few short steps.

This page explains how to:

  1. Add/Modify Recurring Entries
  2. Add Recurring Entry
  3. Generate your Recurring Transactions
  4. See the existing list of Recurring Entries.

Add/Modify Recurring Entries

To create a recurring entry, start by navigating to the Edit menu and click on Add/Modify Recurring Entries.

This will open the Recurring Journal Entry screen for you to set up the recurring entry and view current setups of recurring entries.


Add Recurring Entry

So that the transaction posts the way you need it (the correct day, the frequency, appropriately balanced transaction, etc.) follow these steps:

1. Click the Add button in the bottom left.

2. Enter the Reference Number, Transaction Date (the date for the Recurring Journal Entry to start on), the Number of Entries, Journal (which is the Journal that the entries will post in), Frequency (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, etc..), and Comments you would like included.

3. Enter the accounts that will be credited and debited.

4. Once you are finished, make sure to save the entry.


Generate your Recurring Transactions

When you are ready to generate your Recurring Transactions, click on the Tools menu and select Create Recurring Transactions.

This will then generate the entries whose parameters have not been met yet (If you’ve already clicked Create Recurring Transactions this week, any weekly or monthly transactions that have been generated already for the range will not re-post).










You will then see a list with all the transactions created through the routine.


See the existing list of Recurring Entries

You can scroll through your list of exiting Recurring Entries by clicking Next or Previous, or by clicking List to view them all.