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Rental Solutions

Understand what rentals you have available and streamline orders.

The Motility Team

Eliminate the rental guessing game.

Whether you have a small fleet or multiple locations with large rental inventories, Motility’s rental solutions deliver on-demand access to the insights that matter most.

Along with the common vehicle rental management system functions, our platform delivers the ability to define and preset all rental fees, insurance charges, miscellaneous taxes, discounts, and return charges. You can also set seasonal rental rates, create VIP and loyalty programs for repeat customers, and automatically calculate any additional fuel or mileage charges.

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From contracting to business intelligence, Motility can power your rental business.

  • Schedule multiple rental agreements with any unit in your inventory
  • View detailed items including rental rates, calculations, extended calculations, VIP, and seasonal calculations
  • Automatically calculate agreement terms, including free miles per day, miles per charge, and even generators
  • Set different rental rates for each vehicle with appropriate surcharges
  • Print multiple reports including end of transaction, unit availability, reservations, and more
  • Attach pictures and documents to the rental agreement
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The Motility Team

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