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Are you frequently caught up in basic accounting activities that don’t integrate well with other departments? Worse, do you revert to a trusted spreadsheet? No matter how impressive your accounting software may be, you will not have much need for it if it doesn’t give you the analytical capabilities that you require. It’s inconvenient, time-consuming, and often results in double entry.

We have a better way! Our complete, integrated Accounting approach minimizes data entry and provides access to real-time information, allowing users to manage transactions easily. With Motility, your team can quickly and efficiently write checks, make deposits, reconcile accounts, and receive payments.

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Minimize data entry and gain access to real-time information.

  • Track accounts payable with convenient on-screen activity display of accounting history for each account.
  • View every transaction for auditing purposes.
  • Maintain complete accounting control over input from other modules
  • Customize screen defaults for fast data entry
  • Batch process checks to vendors
  • Retrieve archived transactions with one-click
  • View transactions for a specific stock number.
  • Update purchase price, add-ons, repairs, additional cost, total cost and PAC cost for each unit.
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The Motility Team

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