You May Have Noticed We’ve Been Busy

In an attempt to make things a little more accessible on our new website we’ve made a few changes to the Support Center. The most recent changes were made to help you conveniently navigate through the website to find the content you’re looking for, and to offer a visible platform where you can communicate areas in which we can improve the software. The most recent changes are below.

Idea Board

The Motility Idea Board is an online forum for ideas and suggestions regarding the Infinity platform. You can directly submit and track your ideas, as well as vote, comment, and subscribe to the ideas of others as they go through our review and implementation process.


Video Library

The video library is now open and will not require a login. We have also started a series of webinars on some of our most popular features that will be going on until the end of the month. Check the Key Features Webinars page to get the links for that week’s webinar.



Knowledge Base

A new list of Knowledge Base articles as well as the Sys2K archived Knowledge Base articles are now on this page. We will continually be updating and adding to this page over time.



Check Ordering

On the Technical Documents page in the General Documents column, you can find the Check Order Form. If you need assistance filling out the Check Order Form please refer to the 2019 Check Order Facts doc or the MICR Spec Sheet.




Announcements and general information on what’s happening or to come with Motility Software Solutions can be found on our Resources page. If you need to refer back to a message that was once on the Main Menu Page of the software it will be archived here.


Be on the lookout for more improvements in the near future!