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Seguin RV

Saves time and maximizes efficiency across the dealership.

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Seguin RV is a premier RV dealer conveniently located just east of San Antonio in Seguin, Texas. By selling a variety of new and quality used RVs, they are dedicated to providing the most hassle-free RV buying experience possible. Seguin RV goes beyond the initial sale to ensure customers have what they need for RV ownership including financing, warranties, repairs, parts, and much more. Seguin RV is the #1 Hideout dealer in North America!


Serving the RV community for over 15 years, Seguin RV specializes in travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheels, and campers.

Seguin has multiple service bays stocked with the most up-to-date tools and equipment, and their certified technicians have more experience working on travel trailers, fifth wheels, campers and toy haulers than any other mechanics in the area.

Prior to Motility, Seguin was using Quickbooks and it was a struggle.

“As parts and service became integral to the business it became necessary that we evolve. It wasn’t the long-term solution we needed.”

Ken McConnell | Owner, Seguin RV

Part of the challenge they faced was finding a solution that worked for all departments. They needed to find a scalable solution that tied everything back to accounting, gave them the parts/service the visibility they required, and reduced the double entry that was happening in Quickbooks.

According to McConnell, “We needed a one-stop shop that could really help us brand our business.”

When it came to payables, it was an extremely manual and time consuming process. Checks were printed, AP would manually address envelopes and write out the checks, McConnell would then review and sign, envelopes would get stuffed, and payables would get mailed each Friday. It used to take hours every week to complete this process. Plus, a substantial cost for time, postage, and checks.


With Infinity, Seguin RV has seen success using all modules within the system.

“In a nutshell, Infinity is intuitive, easy to operate, and useful for all areas of my business,” McConnell said. “Automation makes life incredibly easy! It does a lot of job functions that you might not think about every day but it’s engrained in everything we do.”

Using CRM functionality, Seguin is able to track a customer through the entire customer lifecycle to convert missed opportunities. It’s keeping them completely connected and reducing the double entry they were seeing in Quickbooks.

“I’m statistical person and I really enjoy looking at numbers.The Manager’s Dashboard is a wonderful thing for people like me because in less than 5 minutes I can get a snapshot of my entire business. I love that birds-eye-view!”

Ken McConnell | Owner, Seguin RV

On the service side, Infinity has drastically improved the flow of tickets. Clients can be sorted by the time they are in the shop and categorized by those still waiting on service. Seguin differentiates themselves in the area with a robust pricing and discounting tools Infinity offers. Another valuable feature for Seguin is the ability to create recurring transactions for things like rent and insurance. With a single click Infinity completes this for you.

MotilityPay handles the payables for Seguin. With a single click, they left postage and checks in the past. The time that used to be spent cutting checks is now spent reviewing dashboards and verifying information. “Bill paying has become an absolute JOY,” McConnell exclaimed. “Saying goodbye to carpal tunnel and hello to a monster time saver was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our business.”


With Infinity, Seguin RV has the tools they need to have a holistic view of their business in less than 5 minutes. They have completely maximized efficiency across the entire dealership and are reducing double entry at every turn.

“Not only is it helping us scale, it’s helping us brand our business,” McConnell said. “Our clients are looking for a one-stop-shop. They want to be able to finance in our store, complete warranty work, service their new purchase, order parts, etc and we love that Infinity gives us the ability to do this.”

Ken McConnell | Owner, Seguin RV

From June ‘20 to March of ‘21, Seguin processed roughly $1 million in payables and cut 457 checks with MotilityPay. Instead of spending hours every Friday cutting checks, the process takes at most 30 minutes. Plus, they’ve saved nearly $1500 on checks, postage, ink, and envelopes.

According to McConnell, “I don’t have to sign the check; I don’t have to write the check; I don’t have to pay postage; I don’t have to print the check — It’s really like Christmas! At most we spend 30 minutes on our payables each week.”

I’m statistical person and I really enjoy looking at numbers.The Manager’s Dashboard is a wonderful thing for people like me because in less than 5 minutes I can get a snapshot of my entire business. I love that birds-eye-view!

Ken McConnell
Owner, Seguin RV