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Maximize your dealership and keep your business moving forward.

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The downfall of delayed data insight.

If you have ever tried to help a customer without all the tools you needed at your fingertips, you know it can cause unnecessary frustration and inefficiency over time. Not to mention, the potential risk of losing customer interest while you search for what you need. System slowness = more operational headaches.

Grow your business with ease.
Infinity is an end-to-end software solution you can trust with every function of your business. With all dealership functions in the same platform, you can seamlessly maintain a singular record of your customers and help grow, retain, and attract new ones.

Boost efficiency and do more with less.
From parts and service management to data entry minimization, our system helps you do more with less so you and your team can focus on what really matters: running a great business.

Full visibility at your fingertips.
With our robust mobile and reporting interfaces, we deliver on-demand access to the information and insights that matter most.

Enterprise-level security offers you peace of mind wherever you are.
With our enterprise-level security, you can rest easy knowing your dealership information is in the hands of an organization that has been in the DMS space for over 35 years.

Infinity Dealer Management System (DMS)
Feature Benefit
CRM CRM is the backbone of our DMS and keeps you connected to all areas of the
business. Increase productivity and get the most out of every lead.
Inventory Management Up-to-date parts inventory, no matter how many locations you have.
Accounting Minimize data entry and gain access to real-time information so you can
balance your books with ease. Ask us about MotilityPay!
Enhanced Customer Service Run your service department efficiently and effectively so you and your
team can focus on what matters — providing excellent customer service.
Business Intelligence Intelligently measure orders, financials, communications, and track
performance to gain insight into the things that matter.
Deal Desking Close deals faster — keep negotiations manageable and focused.
Finance & Insurance Improve your compliance, refine your credit process, and eliminate manual
Integrated Partners Streamline your business functions with our integrated partner network:
Adobe Sign, 700 Credit, Elavon, Coachnet, AGWS, NTPStag, Novera, AppOne, Verifone, WorldPay, and more.

Motility was developed with dealers in mind!

They have been working hand-in-hand with dealers like us on what we need and what we want in a dealer management system. This is a must have and I’d highly recommend Motility to other dealers.

Lane Bell, Bell Camper Sales