Pay bills faster and more efficiently.

Leave check writing and postage in the past with a single click.

Checks are a costly commodity. On average, it can cost a dealership anywhere from $4 – $20 to process a single business check. Worse? AP teams are spending tedious hours every week to ensure bills are paid accurately and on-time.

There’s a better way! MotilityPay is an intuitive, efficient, and free payables solution that will completely eliminate your check costs.

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What makes MotilityPay unique?

Make paying bills a breeze.

MotilityPay processes your payments via Check, ACH, and vCards to simplify your busy work day. 

Seamless approvals.

With a seamless connection to the Accounting module, you’ll gain the oversight you need.

Save on paper and envelopes.

Hard costs can add up quick! With MotilityPay you can completely recover the cost of cutting checks.

Massive time saver.

Customers are reporting seeing a 75% reduction in the time it takes to cut checks.

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