For years now, Kenect and Motility have teamed up to offer customers extra tools to capture leads, generate reviews, and contact customers. If you haven’t already, now is the time to take advantage of this integration.

Kenect is a business-texting platform designed to allow dealers to send and receive text messages from customers through their existing business phone line. This eliminates the need to give out personal phone numbers and streamlines the communication process.

During the pandemic we have seen and enormous increase in text usage, partly because dealers were looking for ways to reduce in-person interactions. Now that restrictions are lifting, the push for texting is not going away. Customers have gotten used to it and are now asking businesses to adopt a platform.

Thousands of companies across North America use Kenect to text their customers, generate online reviews, gather leads from their websites, video chat, and collect payments. You can also set up automate messages, or sent out broadcast messages to a subset of your contact list.

Dealers who add texting cut down customer interaction time by an average of 45 minutes per transaction. This is because they are not sitting on the phone, playing phone tag, or leaving voicemails. They are getting text responses within minutes, and

By adding Kenect, Motility users will see three main benefits:

1. Contacts Sync

This integration will allow Motility users to sync their contacts with Kenect on a daily basis. In turn, Kenect contacts will be added to the Motility platform in real-time.

This will allow for ease of communication, and ensure contacts and leads do not get lost once they have come in. Both platforms will show everyone on your list so you can watch their progress through the buying funnel.

2. Post Conversation Histories

Text messages sent from Kenect will most on the Motility customer record in real-time. This allows you to see conversation histories, including the date and time stamp so you know when they have been contacted.

This will also help you keep track of who has been contacted and what each customer is asking about.

3. Automatic Lead Forwarding

With this integration you will be able to capture all inbound leads and automatically forward them to your DMS or CRM.

All leads will show basic contact information from each customer, and what they messaged in about. It will also include the URL if they are coming from your website.

Its important to note here that you must be a customer with BOTH KENECT AND MOTILITY for this integration to work. However, once you have added it, you will see how simple and convenient texting is for both you and your customer.

We are holding a webinar on May 3rd at Noon ET to help answer more of your questions about this integration. We really think this will be a big benefit for both Kenect and Motility customers who are looking to generate more leads and more revenue in 2022.

About the Author:

Ben Leighton is a Content Marketing Manager with Kenect. He previously worked in the journalism industry for over a decade, creating multimedia content on various platforms. You can find Ben on Linkedin and Twitter.

About Kenect:

Kenect helps businesses connect with their customers. We build simple texting tools that are elegant and easy-to-use. Thousands of companies across North America use our platform to text their customers, generate online reviews, gather leads from their websites, video chat, and collect payments.

Based in the Silicon Slopes of Utah, our team is committed helping businesses improve their customer experience and customer communication.

To learn more about Kenect, visit or text us at (888) 972-7422.